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Foreign nationals coming to the U.S. must have the proper visas to work, study, stay, travel internationally and immigrate. Having the proper visa and supporting paperwork is more important than ever, as the terrorist attacks of 9/11 have resulted in heightened scrutiny by the immigration agencies and consulates.


This site provides information about many temporary and permanent visas. Understanding the criteria for a visa, and the procedure used to obtain it helps the overall process.


Applying for visas can be stressful and emotional for the applicants because the procedure is not well understood, is largely out of the applicants’ control, and is often lengthier than expected. The Department of Homeland Security’s immigration agencies sometimes are slow and disorganized in deciding cases. Their decisions in some cases can be unreasonable.  Thus, it is important to consult the professional advice of an experienced attorney.


We are experienced in providing a full range of immigration law services. 

Family law


Prenuptial/postnuptial agreements
Separation and settlement agreements
Equitable distribution

Family law problems can take a significant emotional and financial toll. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make the process much easier to bear. At the Law Office of Mike Zhang, we will work to help you achieve the most favorable, cost-effective outcome possible.


There is much at stake in a family law matter. The way in which your legal matters are handled can impact everything from your personal finances to the time you spend with your children.


We understand the stakes of family law issues. We apply a results-driven approach to a broad range of family law issue

Business law


Business formation

Owning your own business, whether small or large, is a mind-boggling ordeal.  In dealing with landlords, suppliers, employees, or even the government, you are putting your assets and reputation up for stake.


Smart business owners know the importance of practical, educated experience when dealing with the complexities of business law. From the biggest corporations to the smallest family-owned ventures, every company can benefit from the aid of professional legal counsel from business formation, handling day-to-day contracts and agreements, and managing potential conflicts and litigation should breach of contract occurs.

Personal Injury


When a car accident causes personal injury, it can be incredibly difficult to do things that used to be routine - to drive, to take care of your children, to earn a living, or to pay the bills.  While you are trying to get medical care, you and your family are likely getting the runaround from the other party's insurance adjuster:  they don’t return your calls; they delay paying what they owe for weeks or months; they lie to you about your rights; they make insulting offers that won’t even pay a fraction of your medical bills.


We are here to help you.  If you do not need a car accident lawyer, we'll tell you.  If you do need an accident lawyer, we do not get paid on your case until your recover a settlement.  We'll deal with the insurance company.  We'll figure out what compensation is fair, and we'll make sure you get it if the insurance company does not pay you the compensation to which you are entitled.


To maximize your potential compensation in the unfortunate case of injury, we have prepared a list of steps to on what to do after the car accident.

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