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EB1 - A

The applicant's highest achievement in his / her career is the most important thing to apply for EB-1A. Careful definition of the applicant's achievements in his / her career area proves to be the key to pass EB-1A. So, if you find an experienced lawyer to assist with the preparation of EB-1A's application, the greater the chance of success. The current successful rate of EB1A case of our law firm is 100%. We provide customers with customized services. Chinese and American culture can be more seamless to Chinese customers. The Law Office of Mike Zhang offers customers with professional, high quality and sincere service.

Prior to the application, our firm lawyers will evaluate your condition and select the option of your potential immigration petition. After the evaluation, there will be a preliminary recommendation on whether or not you are suitable to apply the EB-1A type.

EB1 - A Application procedure

  1. Design a petition for personal circumstances. In addition, to provide a letter of recommendation in the field of personal templates, which can be used for reference in the draft recommendation.

  2. To edit and modify the draft recommendation letter for personal EB-1A petition

  3. Guide individuals to collect all the necessary information for the application of EB-1A

  4. Organize all personal EB-1A files, including signed letters of recommendation

  5. Draw up a petition to provide evidence that the individual meets the standards of Alien Extraordinary Ability

  6. Submission of completed petition materials to USCIS

  7. Contact the Immigration Department to follow up the status quo of individual pending cases


We will also submit additional information to the immigration department in a timely manner If immigration requires additional evidence for individual applications. Furthermore,  We will inform you immediately when the Immigration Department make the final decision.


If you would like to make an initial evaluation, please send the information to

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