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With the groundwork of setting up a business out of the way, you probably will be about to step up your dealings with others.  For example, you may need to negotiate a lease for some office, retail or industrial space.  And, obtain a permit or license to operate your particular type of business.


Depending upon your line of business, you are likely to have some important purchasing or sales situations that may demand attention to the terms and conditions of the transactions, especially if they will be repeated often or involve significant amounts or risks.  Likewise, if your business entails frequently providing or procuring professional services, then you probably will need to focus on contractual matters to make sure you get the benefit of your bargain.


The best way to make sure one does not have a misunderstanding in the future is to make sure there is a very clear understanding at the beginning of the transaction.  In business law, a contract is a formal document containing an agreement between two or more entities. The agreement identifies actions or services that will be performed by either party in order to fulfill the contract. We will work closely with clients to ensure that every relationship and transaction of significance is addressed with essential 

These include agreements for :

  • Non-disclosure (NDA) to protect trade secrets and other confidential information.

  • Professional and personal service contracts for all industries – from accountants to building contractors.

  • Sale of goods and products agreements for everything from diamonds to high technology products.

  • Vendor agreements establish relationships of B2B

  • Leases for business equipment and real estate (office, commercial, retail and industrial properties)

  • Business Purchases & Sales representing and protecting both sellers and buyers

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