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Nonperformance, Nonpayment and Breach of Contract

When either party fails to perform all or part of the contract, a breach of contract has taken place. Depending on the size and complexity of the contract, the issues of the breach may resolve expeditiously, or they could require litigation. In serious breaches, litigation may be the only avenue that will accomplish a resolution of the contract violation. When a breach of contract has occurred, or one is expected to occur, consulting an attorney can be helpful in determining further legal action regarding the contract.


There are many issues to resolve regarding a breach of contract, most of which revolve around loss or expected loss that will come about as a result of the contract violation. Losses may include immediate or potential future losses. We understand that while the principles of the law are always constant, how they are applied in different circumstances is where competent legal resources become vital.

Litigating a Breach of Contract

A contract can involve self-employed individuals, small companies, and large corporations. We can review the circumstances involved and determine where further legal action may be of assistance to you.  We deal in the following types of breach of contract cases:

  • Sales Contracts

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) & Commercial Contract Disputes

  • Professional Service Agreement Disputes

  • Manufacturer's Representative Matters

  • Insurance Coverage Disputes

  • License Disputes

  • Breach of Confidentiality Agreements

  • Enforcement of or Challenge to Restrictive Covenants and Non-Compete Agreements

  • Distributor/Supplier Disputes

  • Shareholder Agreement disputes

  • Securities Matters

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