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Our law office understands that when people hire an attorney, they are often experiencing very stressful situations. These people need someone who cares about them. The Law Office of Mike Zhang makes sure our clients not only receive high-quality legal services, but also the support and resources they deserve.

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Immigration Law

I came across the advertisement of the Law Office of Mike Zhang online when I was planning on applying to become a U.S. permanent resident.  My wife and I originally planned to do it by ourselves at first.  However,  we were both busy students and thought that lawyers know much more about immigration laws than we do.  Thus, we decided to obtain the help of an experienced attorney. 


During my search, the Law Office of Mike Zhang caught my attention with their motto: "friendly, nice, and efficient".  I decided to visit them and give them a try.  It turned out to the right decision: the office prepared my petition in a comprehensive and timely fashion and fully prepared us for the interview.  They helped us to navigate through the petition process as smoothly as possible.  I had successfully received my approval notice and am now waiting for my green card to arrive in the mail.


                                                                                      ---Mr. Y. and Mrs. Y. (2013)

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